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The mission of the Fast Freddie Foundation (FFF) is to inspire and provide young people with the tools to achieve personal successes by utilizing life skills learned through cycling.


We encourage a commitment to education, healthy life style and physical activity. The FFF believes these are essential elements to achieving success, both in sport and life.


To enhance the physical, ethical, and life development of kids we develop programs as well as partner with similar organizations and programs that focus on giving kids the skills and tools for realizing their dreams.

From poverty to podium


Without help, good kids can fall victim to bad influences, and cycles of poverty, violence, obesity, dependency or simple bad habits can continue from generation to generation.

We know first-hand the power of positive influences on the future of a child. We were that child. And our influence was cycling. Through the life lessons of the sport and the mentorship from those who love it, we lived what our mission now remains.

Freddie is the four time U.S. Professional National Road Race Champion. A record that is unlikely to ever be broken. 


Growing up in East Los Angeles his first exposure to cycling was the 1984 Olympic Road Race. It was a moment that would inspire him and lead his life down a path that he didn't know existed.


He went from East LA to racing in the largest cycling races around the world with various European and U.S. teams.

From Childhood to Champion
Our Mission

The FFCC is how we build a community of like minded supporters who share our mission.


The FFCC hosts local group rides around the Bay Area. We also particpate in cycling and social events that help us create awarenes of our mission while supporting other organizations.


Anyone can become a FFCC member, riding is not required. You can follow the club rides on Strava.