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It costs us $150 to get a bike and helmet to a deserving child. When you donate, your funds go to providing bicycles and to supporting the programs that ensure that the Fast Freddie Foundation is able to Teach Life Skills Through Cycling. 


We partner with low income housing developers to provide bicycles, helmets and safety and skills classes for their child residents. We also partner with programs that teach bike safety and skills to the children. We expose the children to various cycling experiences in select locations throughout Northern California. The partnerships allows us to interact with the children on a continuous basis to ensure that they are getting the greatest benefit possible from their bicycle.


We have a legacy program that focuses on the development of junior racing cyclists. We partner with Tieni Duro  to providing underprivilegded junior level racing cyclists with the support and opportunity to race their bikes.


The Fast Freddie Foundation is committed to the physical, ethical, and life development of kids through youth cycling programs that give kids the skills to realize their dreams. Without assistance, good kids can fall victim to bad influences, cycles of poverty, violence, obesity, dependency or simple bad habits can continue from generation to generation.

We know first-hand the power of positive influences on the future of a child. We were that child and our influence was cycling.